LogicaTech has been providing software solutions not only for end users who would use it in their business to give it an advantage, but also for companies interested in software for future sale and promotion among a large audience. Such software publishers have a special set of criteria that they look at when choosing the provider to develop the software.

Special attention is given to quality and reliability of software. Spreading the software among many users makes updating and continuous bug fixing difficult. Therefore, even at the point of release the software needs to have no bugs and work stably in real-time environment. LogicaTech has a strong quality assurance department to verify quality, and adheres to world’s top practices that ensure that the project is completed according to the specifications. 

Software Publishing Solution

Project Highligts

Programming languages: C#

Net technologies: Client-Server

Database/Application Servers: MS SQL / IIS

Efforts: 26 man-months





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