Marketing is a very specific industry that needs special solutions that would reflect the intensity of marketing process and allow professionals to quickly and effectively do their job. 

From our experience we have learned that among such specific requirements are abilities to process large volumes of heterogeneous information, share the information between the personnel of the company and the clients, maintain an up-to-date client base and manage contacts. 

One of the possible ways to organize marketing via electronic means is to base software on upgradeable functional modules.

Our expertise in interface design allows us to create software that is comfortable to use for non-technical people. Simplicity of interface plays an important role in acceptance of the application by its users.

The solutions for Marketing industry include: 

Customer Relations Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Web Sites

Web Applications

Marketing Solution

Project Highligts

Programming languages: Object Pascal, Java2

Database/Application Servers: Firebird, MS SQL / Java2, TCP

Efforts: 30 man-months





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