Using approbated technological solutions and development processes, LogicTech can develop custom manufacturing software that would cover the specific needs of a customer, be it a small enterprise or a large nation-wide business. Our experience in web application development and technological expertise allow us to provide integrated solutions for the entire production chain, such as: ERP and CRM solution, custom manufacturing logistics and inventory software, solutions for manufacturing control and accounting, as well as software for general manufacturing planning software. 

It is important to minimize the cost of development and TOC (Total Ownership Costs), as well as time-to-market for such applications for them to start bringing in revenue as early as possible. Therefore, we pay special attention to system architecture design to make the application both cost effective and fast to produce. At the same time, we keep in mind the possible integration and upgrade possibilities and make your manufacturing system software scalable and upgradeable.

Manufacturing Solution

Project Highligts

Programming languages: C#

Net technologies: Client-Server

Database/Application Servers: MS SQL / IIS

Efforts: 30 man-months





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