E learning is a rapidly developing industry that poses a challenge before providers of e learning custom development services. Web based education, and consequentially education web site software, have a number of peculiarities that may become performance bottlenecks unless the developer has experience in such systems and enough technological expertise to foresee the possible issues and be able to avoid them.

LogicaTech has been rendering e learning development services to clients worldwide for several years.  A complex e learning solution has to be easy to handle, it has to be easily updateable with new curriculum materials, there is a need to track individual achievements and store the records in a stable, secure and accessible database.

We have the know-how that can be used to minimize time-to-market of such application, minimize cost of development and support. There is additional attention given to application stability and testing, to ensure flawless education process.

Our IT analysts and managed to design and build systems that integrate not only custom e learning functionality, but also payment processing, flash instructions and demos, as well as community functionality. We can provide the experience and technological expertise necessary to build an all-round web based education centers.


Project Highligts

Programming languages: Java, Javascript; HTML; SQL; XML/XSLT 

Net technologies: JDK 1.4; Java Swing API; Java Servlet API; JSP; Javamail API; JDBC

Database/Application Servers: MYSQL 4.1 / Apache Tomcat 4.X 

Efforts: 17 man-months





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